Plant Health

Just like all other living things, fruits and vegetables can also be plagued with viruses and bacteria which can maim or kill them. There are several tools which can be used to help protect the health of fruits and vegetables, including the use of phytosanitary certificates, testing and monitoring programs, prompt reporting and inspection of imported product.

CPMA works with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Plant Health Directorate and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to promote the healthy production of fruits and vegetables in Canada and around the world.

Best Practices for Preventing Soil on Imported Produce
(Excluding Potatoes)

Soil found on imported produce can be an expensive problem for companies, with loss of product and potentially high disposal costs. In light of this frequent problem in the industry, CPMA along with our partners at the Ontario Produce Marketing Association, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Quebec Produce Marketing Association, the Canadian Horticultural Council and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, have created the guide Best Practices for Preventing Soil on Imported Produce (Excluding Potatoes).

The objective of the guide is to provide guidance to industry on their responsibilities for ensuring that product shipped to Canada is free of soil and help them to work with suppliers and develop preventative control plans to prevent soil presence and the mitigate loss product and associated costs of disposal. It is also hoped that the guide can help create a common understanding amongst CFIA inspectors that industry is aware of their responsibilities and the actions they should be taking and that such mutual awareness between CFIA inspectors and industry could encourage collaborative discussions when compliance issues do arise.

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