Generic Produce UPC Codes

UPC codes are bar codes used on consumer-packaged items sold at retail. UPC codes have been introduced to supermarkets to facilitate both the check-out process and inventory control. UPC codes are used to identify fruits and vegetables sold with a fixed weight/count and are typically prepackaged.

Blocks of UPCs are reserved for retailer use. Retailer-assigned numbers facilitate the introduction of new products/packaging size without the assignment of a permanent industry standardized UPC.

For the purposes of fruits and vegetables in Canada and the U.S., standardized UPCs are assigned with no company specific reference. The company reference portion of these generic UPCs is a generic prefix (033383) which has been assigned to the produce sector. The standardized item reference number follows this generic prefix and is followed by a check digit assigned during the printing process.

There are currently over 11,000 fruits and vegetable UPC records in the database. They are sorted by Commodity, Variety/Type, Growing Region, Grade, Product Size and Package Size.

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