The Center Plate Partner Recognition Program (“Center Plate”) was created to acknowledge CPMA members who go above and beyond to support Canada’s only national fruit and vegetable association. CPMA’s programs and initiatives are essential to our sector’s success, with the goal of increasing the overall consumption of fresh produce to improve our population’s health, while ensuring a strong and vibrant industry. To support these initiatives, CPMA offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that give members the opportunity to increase their profile within the sector while boosting their business.

Thank you to our Center Plate Partners. Your sponsorship and support enables many of the activities of CPMA. To learn more, please contact Heather Urban at [email protected] or 613-226-4187.

$75,000 +

$50,000 +

$35,000 +

$20,000 +

Center Plate Display

Qualification Criteria:

To qualify for Center Plate, members must be a sponsor of a CPMA program or event. Center Plate levels are based on sponsorship of CPMA events/activities and the overall financial participation* in:

  • CPMA Programs and Events
  • Convention Registration
  • Trade Show Participation (Exhibit Booths, Additional Exhibitor Promotional Opportunities)
  • Membership

Sponsor Benefits:

All Center Plate partners receive prominent visibility on CPMA’s websites, special recognition at the annual CPMA Convention & Trade Show, and an exclusive invitation to the Directors and New Members’ Reception.

*NOTE: Partners’ financial participation is calculated based on CPMA’s fiscal year ending October 31. Partners’ contributions are recorded in the fiscal year the sponsored programs/events occur, not when payment is received by CPMA. (For example, sponsorship of the 2024 CPMA Convention & Trade Show will appear in the report for the fiscal year November 1, 2023, to October 31, 2024).

Center Plate Partners