The fresh fruit and vegetable industry is fast-paced and dynamic. There is little opportunity to take time out of a busy day for training and education. Recognizing the challenge of continuing education in our industry, CPMA develops, organizes and hosts webinars designed specifically for the produce industry.

CPMA is pleased to present monthly webinars to provide timely information to support your business. There are diverse issues affecting different segments of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain and these webinars are intended to provide background information and solutions to these issues. Sustainability, reducing the use of plastics in packaging and solutions for supply chain disruptions are some of the future topics that will be addressed.

CPMA Webinar:

Business Planning & Execution, the Engine that Drives Growth!
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm-2:00 pm (ET)

Jozef Hubburmin, CFO of the Fresh Direct Produce Group of Companies, provides a compelling webinar on driving business growth through planning and execution. He will demonstrate how growth in a mature food industry sector comes not from luck but from a continuous cycle of planning and execution by a management team fueled with the right corporate culture.

Presented by:

Jozef Hubburmin, Chief Financial Officer of Fresh Direct Produce


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Future CPMA 2022 webinars:
  • Professional development in produce

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