The produce industry and its supply chain had an estimated economic impact of

$17.4 billion in real GDP

in 2016 dollars.

In 2019, the produce industry supply chain supported

249,000 jobs

in the Canadian economy.

CPMA Members represent

90% of fresh fruit and vegetable sales

in Canada.


Rebecca Lee, Brian Gilroy, Ron Lemaire, Jane Proctor, PM Justin Trudeau 06Nov2018 CPMA provides a forum for both industry members and government to dialogue on a wide range of issues and initiatives which may affect the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, including trade facilitation and standardization. CPMA places a strong emphasis on federal and provincial government advocacy on behalf of its members, and the produce industry at large, to ensure that there will be no unnecessarily complicated or restrictive regulations that impede the ability of members to market and sell fresh produce in Canada.