Canadian Produce Marketing Association
162 Cleopatra Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2G 5X2

Telephone: (+1) 613-226-4187

Ron Lemaire President x209
Corporate Services
Tracy Todd Vice President, Finance & Operations x220
Stéphane Landreville Director, Information Technology x221
Brian Johnson Manager, Information Technology x214
Victor Marcu Accounting Assistant x211
Industry Simplification
Jane Proctor Vice President, Policy & Issue Management x212
Shannon Sommerauer Director, Government Relations x235
Jeff Hall Food Safety Specialist 647-409-3570
Josué Kashama Manager, Government Relations x215
Wally Burns Manager, Education and Training x216
Market Development
Sue Lewis Vice President, Market Development x226
Heather Urban Director, Market Development x233
Lyse McClelland Manager, Membership & Market Development x232
Nicole Jeffrey Manager, Events x217
Selena Karkash Manager, Marketing x213
Micken Kokonya Manager, Communications and Market Research x225
Jennifer Ong Tone Dietitian x219