Price Look-Up (PLU) codes are used in retail locations to facilitate the checkout process. PLUs identify bulk and random or variable weight fruits and vegetables (and related items, such as nuts and herbs). PLU codes are assigned to fruits and vegetables following a rigorous review process conducted by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS). Like the industry standardized UPCs, a block of PLU numbers have been reserved for individual use by retailers.

PLU numbers are printed on a small label that is attached directly to individual fruits and vegetables. They consist of a four- or five-digit number. Four-digit PLUs identify conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, while a 9 is added at the beginning of the PLU to identify the item as organic, (for example, the PLU 4011 identifies a conventionally grown banana and 94011 identifies an organically grown banana.)  Although originally reserved to identify GMO produce, the leading “8” prefix will transition to accommodate an increase in traditionally and organically grown produce. More information is available at

The comprehensive list of the IFPS PLUs in English and French PLU along with the application for a new PLU are available for download on the IFPS website. The French translation of the IFPS PLUs was developed by CPMA and the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) to meet the needs of their respective memberships.