Trade and Commerce

The international and interprovincial trade of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for the economic health of the fresh produce sector, and to provide Canadians with the diversity and availability of the fresh fruits and vegetables that they need. CPMA is committed to identifying and resolving trade irritants.

News from CBSA: Single Window Initiative (SWI)
The Government of Canada is informing trade chain partners that the Single Window Initiative (SWI) is now fully operational. It enables the streamlined electronic exchange of commercial data between the importing community and federal departments and agencies.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has advised that two legacy release service options for goods regulated by three federal departments will be decommissioned as of April 1, 2018, namely: EDI OGD PARS SO 463 and EDI OGD RMD SO 471. As an incentive for clients to use the SWI, as of June 1, 2017, the CBSA will prioritize the processing of transactions submitted through the SWI over these other release options.

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The CPMA North American Trade Task Force works to develop fresh fruit and vegetable trade policy for the consideration of governments and others which will effectively address public sector/industry needs, while eliminating or minimizing negative commercial impact upon produce trade.

The identification of preferred solutions is accomplished through the participation and cooperation from all levels of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain, from within North America and with outreach to other countries.

CPMA works on behalf of members to realize:

  • Fair and ethical trade practices.
  • Standardization and harmonization or acceptance of equivalency in trade regulation and customs practices.
  • Enhancement of effective border measures, without administratively complex or impractical and punitive regulatory measures.
  • Harmonized or equivalent, pragmatic food safety and security systems across the fresh vegetable and fruit supply chain.

CPMA continues to work with federal and provincial government departments, Canadian industry associations and individual companies and organizations from other countries to promote the marketing and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Canadian marketplace.