Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly perishable and are subject to a multitude of product related domestic and international laws. “Just in time” shipping often negates the possibility of using trusted trader programs and threatens compliance with newly implemented cross border advance information programs. Lack of communication, combined with the lack of awareness of rights and responsibilities throughout the fresh produce supply chain, can undermine productivity.

CPMA’s Transportation Working Group provides input to government on transportation issues (land, air and sea) impacting the produce industry including ports modernization, ELDs and infrastructure.

The environment for finding trucks to haul fresh produce is highly competitive due to factors such as driver or truck availability. Trucking companies and their drivers will show preference for suppliers and receivers that pay well, pay on time, are efficient in loading and unloading, and treat drivers courteously.

The North American Produce Transportation Working Group (NAPTWG), representing produce transportation stakeholders from associations and industry groups across North America, created the North American Produce Transportation Guidelines. Recently IFPA led the same group in a revision of the document which is available on this webpage.