Gwillimdale Farms

Eliminating food waste

Sustainability Drivers

  • Increasing operational efficiencies.
  • Eliminating food waste.
  • Making an environmental impact.

Common Sustainability Practices

Reduction in labour, food insecurity, and equality, compostable packaging materials.


We have invested in packaging, technologies, and sorting equipment to help divert edible food with slight blemishes and bring it to the consumer table.


An age-old problem, misunderstood produce ending up unused. We’ve had an ongoing struggle with dumping and disposing of perfectly good produce with minor blemishes for years. Last year 400 million potatoes didn't make it to retail. Edible food waste is bad for the environment through the decomposing of vegetables and contributes to food insecurity and equality. 15.9% of Canadians are living food-insecure when 400 million potatoes can be diverted to retail and onto the tables of hungry people.


GWILLIMDALE-FARMS Offering a multifaceted product that diverts food waste; is sustainable and is offered at a discounted price! Gwillimdale’s Conscious Consumption™ is the solution! Diverting 20% of edible food waste from the landfills. An environmentally sustainable product with no plastics that’s completely compostable. Offered in a smaller 5LB package, further contributing to the elimination of food waste in homes. Conscious Consumption™ offers consumers a cheaper alternative to fight food insecurity while providing a health-conscious option.




Results and Lessons Learned

It's about trial and error. What works for one operation may not work for another.

Other Information

“15.9% of Canadians living food-insecure” – Data Source: Statistics Canada Household Food Insecurity in Canada, 2021 by Tarasuk, Li & Fafard St-Germain, 2022. “