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Single-use Plastic Free English Cucumbers

Sustainability Drivers

Reduction of single-use plasticscucumbers

Common Sustainability Practices

Single-use plastic reduction


The objective is to remove all single-use plastics from our English cucumbers. Retailers and customers alike are always looking for ways to reduce their plastic use and this was a way we could help. 


We use a lot of plastic to wrap our English cucumbers.  From one farm alone - we use 8 tons of single-use plastics a year.  We're trying to reduce this to 0.


We met a California company, Apeel, at a trade show and decided to form a partnership to try and reduce our single-use plastic use.  Using Edipeel, we developed a solution to single-use plastic use on our cucumbers through years of trials.

Results and Lessons Learned

  • Currently shipping plastic-free English cucumbers to two major retailers in Canada
  • In talks to expand this program to other retailers
  • Taken three years to see this come to fruition
  • Took some time to get the machine up and running