LAT Multilingual Translation & Marketing Inc.

A Multicultural Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability Drivers

At LAT, we strive to infuse our values into all we do, from our own communications effort to the work we do for our clients. Aligned with the UNs dev't goals:

Goal 1

We support economic empowerment by creating opportunities for newcomers to Canada. For us, coming from a country with a diff. culture and language is always an added benefit as it allows us to provide services to our clients that truly help them reach deeper into Canada's diverse marketplace. Health and wellbeing

Goal 3 is also a goal we pursue by serving our clients in the Food and Health industries. We specialize in content adaptation for clients who share our own values when it comes to food and health. Products and services that are sustainable, good for the environment, and committed to people's health while avoiding causing pain to animals. Another UN goal we are truly aligned with is Gender equality

Goal 5

In the words we use as well as in our own internal practices, we keenly promote gender-inclusive language and policies that are truly open to all genders.

Goal 16

Peace & Justice is also part of our core principles. We believe that facilitating communication across cultures fosters understanding and peace. We are proud to offer in-kind donations to organizations who fight to provide judicial support also to women and under-represented groups.

Goal 17

Partnerships - we have established several partnerships with organizations with whom we feel aligned. Such as UNESCO's Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022 – 2032) to focus on Indigenous language users’ human rights.

Common Sustainability Practices

As a way to adapt to the challenging times we are experiencing, from the pandemic to the economic uncertainties, we have now completed a transition to be fully operational on-line, for all our services. We still have the occasional 'in-person' meeting or language services, but all our tools and meetings are hosted in the clouds. This allows to reduce our carbon footprint considerably. We also have in place best practices when it comes to recycling computers and components.


Our World is undergoing severe socio-economic and environmental challenges. As a company specialized in language services, we believe that we can be part of the solution. The way forward is through collaboration on a global scale. To collaborate, we need to communicate effectively, using respectful and inclusive language and tools that leave nobody out. We are always adding to our own knowledge when it comes to inclusive and accessible methods. From implementing accessibility standards (ex. WCAG 2.1) to developing a strong awareness of cultural preferences, our team is always learning to make sure our own messaging is in line with our values, and to support our clients in their own efforts to be inclusive.

Furthermore, we work with language providers in all parts of the world. We care about our relationships with them and always pay fairly and on time.



We work for a wide variety of clients in the food industry. Our mandate is to adapt their words, from marketing content and packaging to websites, blogs and press releases. We take this role very seriously because words have power. They can build or destroy a brand. Using inclusive, respectful language is important for all of us - and when it comes to adapting this content into other languages, the same effort needs to be made to be respectful of the cultural nuances of the target audience. Occasionally, this requires moving away from the source text to adapt the content to appeal to the norms and cultural subtleties of those we are addressing. 


The latest census (2021) indicates that nearly 25% of Canada's population speaks a language other than English or French. These numbers are growing at a rapid rate, as immigration is our country's largest source of population growth. We need to ensure our communications are aligned and well beyond the minimum requirements imposed by our language laws. 

Adopting a multilingual and multicultural approach in our communications not only ensures our businesses are inclusive, it also makes a lot of sense in ensuring we get the best return on our marketing investment.


A simple strategy: using language adaptation as a means to economic growth. Going beyond translation and adopting distribution channels for our content (advertising, marketing, web and print content) that are fine-tuned to each cultural and linguistic group of people that reside in Canada. Fine-tuning our communication approach allows deeper reach, stronger engagement, and a sense of belonging and connection that delivers results on many fronts. 

Results and Lessons Learned

A multilingual and multicultural approach to content delivers results by increasing the outreach, whatever the key performance indicators (KPIs) may be. But beyond the fact that it helps companies and organizations reach more viewers (and potential customers), ensuring your content is well adapted for everyone means that your organization values everyone and believes that your message has value for all. Allocating budgets for the adaptation of your message and its effective delivery on a variety of platforms is investing in exclusivity and inclusion. Here are a few examples:

  • Vancouver International Airport: more than doubled its social media engagement by adding WeChat & Weibo to its social media outreach.
  • McCormicks: adapts all its content into French, to engage with the 8 million French-speaking Canadians who have come to adopt the brand as one of their favourites.
  • NaturesPath packagingHain Celestials: with an ever-growing set of brands under its belt, Hain Celestials delivers quality products to a wide variety of consumers with adapted content and marketing campaigns.
  • Natures' Path: true to its values, Natures' Path Organic Foods has been working with LAT Multilingual for over 15 years to reach Canadian customers respectfully and efficiently.

Other Information

Customers come to us for language adaptation mainly, but they also appreciate that our team keeps an eye and an ear to the ground for them in the markets they want to reach here in Canada. We are proud of our clients and their products. When we walk through a grocery store, we recognize the quality brands for whom we have translated packaging. When surfing online or reviewing a website, we always make sure the client's content in languages other than English makes them look good. Our clients are partners in building connections across cultures. When we learn from one another's food preferences, we feel enriched by our differences and connected by what we all have in common. We build a better world through food, and through language.