M.L. Catania Company Limited

Recycling to the Max

Sustainability Drivers

Our goal is to attain 100% recycling of waste materials and products.Catania

Common Sustainability Practices

Utilizing recyclable packaging materials, maximizing recycling of waste materials, and the avoidance of landfill.


The objective of our recycling initiatives is to be a green company. This involves ongoing communications with our suppliers to meet our customers’ needs and objectives.


Our customers are trying to meet the needs of several generations of their customers with increasing concerns about our planet and the effects that uncontrolled waste materials are having on it.


We review all production supplies and packaging materials for recyclability prior to purchasing, to ensure that they comply with our recycling mandates.

Results and Lessons Learned


We have achieved the following results.

  1. 100% recycling of corrugated materials.
  2. 100% recycling of waste produce to animal feed.
  3. 100% recycling of waste plastics.
  4. 100% recycling of surplus pallets including broken pallets.
  5. Our garbage compactor goes to a sorting facility to reclaim recyclable materials.

Other Information

Recycled materials have value. Every company should have a recycling program and a line item on their P&L to reflect this important segment of their business.