CPMA members can access the Label Review Service by logging in to our CPMA Community.

Use of the Label Review Service can only be initiated by CPMA members and is not transferable. CPMA members are entitled to use the Label Review Service free of charge twice per membership year. Additional reviews can be performed at a per label cost of $500 CDN + applicable taxes.

Points for consideration prior to request for label review

  • The CPMA Label Review Service does not include translation services. Translation of all labels is the responsibility of the label owner.
  • Label reviews are only provided for fresh fruits and vegetables, without added ingredients, and that have not been processed or have been minimally processed.
    • This includes:
      • Fresh fruits and vegetables
      • Fresh herbs
      • Fresh sprouts
      • Fresh nuts
      • Minimally processed fresh fruits and vegetables (e.g. washed, peeled, shredded, etc.)
    • This does not include:
      • Fresh fruits and vegetables with added ingredients (e.g. salad kit which includes lettuce, dressing, croutons, etc.)
      • Fresh fruits and vegetables that have been processed (e.g. dehydrated, steamed, puréed, etc.)
  • Label reviews can be provided for:
    • PLU stickers
    • Consumer prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables
    • Cases and shipping containers of fresh fruits or vegetables
      • Note: The scope of CPMA’s label review service is focused on compliance to Canadian labelling regulations, and not industry requirements such as the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) label specifications, which may be required by your customers.
  • If your business uses a different trading name for a subsidiary, division, etc. other than that of the registered active or associate member of CPMA, the subsidiary, division, etc. requires their own active or associate membership to utilize the label review service for its labels.
  • The label and package review provided by CPMA is not an approval process as only the Canadian government, through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, has the authority in that matter.
  • Please allow sufficient time for the CPMA to complete the label review. Although we make every effort under normal business circumstances to complete this process for the two free label reviews within 20 business days, review of some labels may be complicated by the inclusion of marketing statements, health or nutrient content claims, logos or statements that may require assistance from government regulatory departments to ensure compliance to Canadian policy and regulations. This process may take up to 30 business days. Companies should not wait until just prior to product shipment to submit the label for review. If your request includes more than two labels to be reviewed, please contact Jen Ong Tone RD, Dietitian at CPMA at [email protected] to schedule a timeline.
  • Please refer to our Labelling Checklist for assistance when developing labels for your fresh fruit and vegetable products for the Canadian marketplace.
  • We encourage members to provide this information to their staff and vendors to assist them when communicating with business partners relative to developing compliant labels and the “Label Review Service” offered to CPMA members.

CPMA makes every effort to ensure that accurate information is provided but cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions no matter how caused, including but not limited to whether as a result of an error by CPMA or in change in policy by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It is important that members consult the pertinent acts and regulations prior to developing its package and nutrition label for the Canadian marketplace.

The label and package review provided by CPMA is not an approval process as only the Canadian government, through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, has the authority in that matter. All information is provided “as is”, without warranty or guarantee of any kind as to its accuracy, completeness, operability, fitness for particular purpose, or any other warranty, express or implied. CPMA shall not be liable for any damages, loss, expense or claim of loss arising from the use, or reliance on the information.

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