Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) – Proposed Regulation/Policy

  • ECCC has published a Pollution Prevention Notice for Primary Food Packaging which includes a  Risk Management Objective which states:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables are distributed and sold in bulk and/or in plastic-free packaging - at least 75% by 2026, at least 95% by 2028

      CPMA has submitted initial comments and is working with industry, government and elected officials to address the very significant concerns with this proposal.

  • Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) recently released a technical paper for the proposed Federal Plastics Registry and a Regulatory Framework Paper for the proposed Recycled Content and Labelling for Plastic Products Regulations.  Section 5.5.3 includes Requirements specific to PLU produce stickers stating:  All plastic Price Look-Up [PLU] produce stickers would be required to be compostable (therefore prohibiting non-compostable plastic produce stickers).  This would not prohibit plastic stickers that are industrially compostable but, in general, the proposed regulations raise many concerns. 
  • CPMA submitted comments to ECCC including a section on the PLU sticker proposed prohibition.  
  • CPMA is working closely with government and industry stakeholders to address significant concerns as outlined in the comments to ECCC.


Sustainable Packaging Guide For Food And Fresh Produce

  • This comprehensive website provides valuable information and guidance to the industry so they can make the best packaging choices.
  • Providing a helpful packaging decision-making framework, an interactive packaging assessment tool and valuable information such as market-leading use cases, the Guide is a valuable resource to help improve sustainable packaging decision-making.