Background | Extended Producer Responsibility 

A leading policy being adopted by Canadian provinces to mitigate packaging pollution is extended producer responsibility. As the name implies, extended producer responsibility, or EPR, transfers the waste management burden and associated costs to the producer of the packaging - the entity responsible for the introduction of the packaging into the market in question. 

For the fresh produce industry, the introduction of EPR programs is an important development in shaping what packaging forms and compositions are used across the fresh produce supply chain. To help members across the supply chain understand what are the key components of an EPR program and the current state of deployment across Canada, the following reference material is provided.

Webinar | Extended Producer Responsibility in Canada - May 2024

On May 14, 2024, CPMA hosted a Webinar on EPR, presented by Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director of the Circular Innovation Council, covering numerous topics including:

  • Background on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Frameworks for Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP)
  • EPR Trends across Canada
  • EPR Key Characteristics, Provisions & Stakeholders
  • Obligated Parties, Performance and Compliance
  • EPR Fees & Reporting

The webinar and related reference documentation are available below: