Substantial increases in costs and delays along the supply chain threaten our food security and the long-term economic viability of the North American fresh produce sector. These costs cannot be fully borne by the industry and will ultimately be passed to consumers – affecting most those who can least afford it.

CPMA is actively engaged in advocating for swift government action to address the supply chain challenges facing our sector, including:

  • Crippling port congestion
  • Delays and exploding costs in container and freight shipping
  • Cascading effects of inconsistent product delivery
  • Continuing labour shortages across the supply chain
  • Growing input shortages
  • Stockpiling of product by consumers

Joint statement by the North American produce industry on supply chain disruptions

Infographic: Supply Chain Disruptions in the Canadian produce industry

As part of these efforts, CPMA is working with agri-food and other partner organizations to amplify our messages, including our call for the appointment of a Supply Chain Commissioner to lead a Joint Industry-Government Task Force to address supply chain disruptions: